Where’d My Jo Go?

Written by Jill Esbaum, Illustrated by Scott Brundage
Sleeping Bear Press (2020)

When trucker Jo hits the open road, her faithful little doggy pal, Big Al, is always with her. The two make a fine traveling team until Big Al gets distracted after a potty break at a rest stop and wanders off. In her rush to get back on the road, Jo doesn’t realize her best buddy isn’t in the truck cab. As soon as Big Al figures out what has happened, he is determined that nothing will distract him from his plan to wait for Jo to come back. Well, almost nothing. When you’re a dog, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar and tempting sights and smells, and even new humans. Told in both Jo’s and Big Al’s voices, this heartwarming story of separation and joyful reunion is based on a true event.

-Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee, 2021-2022

“A wide variety of formats and perspectives add interest, with a fine sense of dramatic suspense particularly evident in the nighttime scenes. Humor, emotion, and great puppy-dog eyes.” –Kirkus