In-Person Visits

I LOVE visiting schools, talking with kids about my favorite subjects:  reading and writing. My presentations are educational and entertaining, geared to whatever age group I’m speaking. Younger kids hear the stories behind my picture books, along with fascinating (and sometimes gross) facts about some of the unique animals featured in my Angry Birds Playground books. (Ever heard of the hoatzin?) Older kids will hear the same stories, but they’ll also return to class jazzed (honest) about real, practical tips to help them improve their own writing.

About My Presentations

A full day includes 4 presentations plus a 20-minute visit with Kindergarteners. Sessions run 45-60 minutes, which includes time for Q and A. Please allow 15 minutes between sessions and remember to factor in time for lunch.

If neighboring schools wish to split the cost of a full-day visit, I can spend the morning at one and visit the other in the afternoon, giving 2 presentations at each school.

Many schools have a book sale to help offset the honorarium. I am happy to sign books during my visit. I don’t sell books myself, but they can be ordered through a bookstore or at a substantial discount through my publishers. Ordering information is included in my author packet, which I will send if you are interested in booking a visit.

For fees and schedule information, please e-mail me.

I’m happy to SKYPE with individual classes, no charge. See my Skype Visits page for details.

I hope to see you soon!

Notes From Organizers…

“Jill visited East Buchanan’s Central Elementary last week and it was a GREAT day!  We felt very lucky to experience Jill’s books and her lessons on the writing process.  I greatly appreciated that her discussions with the kids were very age appropriate and she had a little different twist for every grade level.  The students were active and engaged throughout every presentation – and the question and answer periods were so much fun – the kids had great questions about what they learned from her experiences.  We invited our families to pre-purchase some of her books through Barnes & Noble via an order form sent home from the library, and she signed and personalized over 50 books for our students as well!  Our kids are still talking about her and the books she has written – I can’t keep them on the shelves!” -Cheryl Beatty, PK-12 Teacher Librarian, East Buchanan Community Schools, Winthrop, IA

“We all learned that writing non-fiction requires us to find facts that solicit a ”Whoa, I didn’t know that!” response from our reader. Jill walked us through the steps for writing non-fiction:  1.) become an expert by doing lots of research, 2.) take detailed notes, 3.) write and 4.) REVISE.  She made it clear that revision is key along with honoring one’s voice.  As she shared the “what ifs” that led her to write her many fiction books, children saw the connection between brainstorming and imagination.” -Kathy Gilbert, Title 1 Teacher, Johnson STEAM Academy

“We love children’s author, Jill Esbaum!  She truly connected with our 5th grade students as they spent the morning working through the creative writing process in a fun, hands-on environment.  During her story time romp, Mrs. Esbaum engaged our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students with her witty humor, while they learned what goes into making a story great. All of the teachers were thrilled she covered areas that follow their curricular benchmarks for reading and writing, plus much more.  We were honored to have her visit our school.” -Elizabeth Bedia, Curriculum Enhancement Coordinator, St. Francis of Assisi School, West Des Moines, IA

“If you are hunting for an enthusiastic author to get your students excited about writing, Jill Esbaum is for you! I have had Jill visit two school districts in which I’ve worked.  All of her presentations were full of engaging personal stories and down-to-earth, yet fun tips for writing. Our students couldn’t wait to get back to the drawing (er….writing) board. I highly recommend inviting Jill Esbaum into your school.” -Sara Richardson, Teacher-Librarian, Timber Ridge Elementary, Johnston, IA

“Meadow Glens LOVED having Jill.  She presented to K-3rd grade and did a fantastic job of keeping the students engaged throughout her presentation. She gave some really good writing tips to the 3rd graders and the teachers were very impressed!” -Julie Kassen, LRC Director, Meadow Glens Elementary, Naperville, IL

“I spent that morning on the farm but I wasn’t alone. I was in the company of bugs and frogs, cats and dogs, and (of course) the occasional cow. There was so much to take in with the fresh country smells and all of the unique sounds that the country critters made. It just felt great to escape for a while, but it was over before I knew it. The robust applause from our students shook me out of my trance. Jill had just finished reading her newest story aloud, and was ready for questions from students. It was the best field trip we’ve ever had without leaving the gym. All of us were captivated!” -Kathy Lynott, 4th Grade Teacher, Erskine Elementary, Cedar Rapids, IA

“Jill Esbaum is not only a notable author, she is also an interesting presenter who shared her craft of writing and her research techniques in very clear and practical ways for students to emulate.  Her books are also in constant demand by our students-what more could a librarian ask for!” -Deb Roggow, Teacher Librarian, Erskine Elementary and Grant Wood Elementary, Cedar Rapids, IA

“We were thrilled to have Jill do a school visit at St. Matthew Elementary School! She was able to tailor her presentation to engage students from preschool through 5th grade and held their attention in a fun-filled manner. She got our students excited about reading and writing and left an impression that being a children’s book author is one cool profession.” -Katie Giorgio, Cedar Rapids, Iowa