Stink Soup

Written by Jill Esbaum, Illustrated by Roger Roth
Farrar, Straus & Giroux (2004)

Annabelle and her little brother, Willie, are spending the week at Granny’s. Annabelle is supposed to keep her brother out of trouble, which isn’t easy when she’s there to help Granny prepare tomatoes for home canning. Annabelle can’t decide which is worse:  chasing after Willie or working with tomatoes. Even the smell of tomatoes makes her gag.

Willie escapes his sister’s surveillance to lasso chickens, pitch eggs, and torment the goat. Finally he goes too far, tangling with a skunk. But his devilishness just might save Annabelle from having to taste Granny’s tomato juice. Or will it?

“Realistic illustrations salt-and-pepper the saucy tale with wry humor, comeuppance, and down-home flavor. Amusing.” – Kirkus

“Perfectly matched to the text in tone, the watercolor-and-graphite illustrations capture the action . . . pictures are large enough to share with a group, and independent readers will enjoy the humorous story on their own.” – School Library Journal

“Roth’s cheerful art echoes the energy and folksiness of the tale . . . .Whether fond of tomatoes or not, kids will find this a flavorsome romp.” – Publisher’s Weekly